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Action Refund Review (actionrefund.com) SCAM Exposed – Recovery Fraud Warning!

Gary Brust

ByGary Brust

Aug 22, 2023

  • – Did this recovery agency promise to get your money back?
  • – Have they asked you to pay an up front payment and then disappeared?
  • – Are they trying to push you into giving them more money?
  • – Did they stop answering your emails and giving you excuses?

This recovery agency is a CONFIRMED fund recovery fraud / wealth recovery scam, if you want to recover your stolen funds with a REAL recovery agency you can do so by filling out the form below and you will get a FREE Got-Payback consultation today:

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Action Refund
When you put all of the problems together, it is clear that Action Refund is not a genuine scam recovery service and is just another elaborate scam designed to take advantage of victims and their vulnerable state.

Action Refund Review

For as long as anyone can remember, scammers have existed and tricked unsuspecting people into giving them their money. But nowadays, scams have evolved to the extent that they’re very difficult to detect. In fact, even law enforcement agencies have a hard time determining if an investment opportunity or claim is really a scam or not. Consequently, many people are losing their hard-earned money to such scams. This has created the need for services that help victims of these scams get their money back. And I’ll be discussing one such agency in this Action Refund review.


To see if Action Refund could provide clients with the services they need, I decided to review it and see what it offers.

Fails To Use Adequate Strategies

While there are many options currently operating in the fund recovery market, there’s a dire need for a reliable one that can serve clients. Specifically, scam victims seek out these agencies because they can implement techniques that local law enforcement officers can’t. In this case, tracking down the scammer after a thorough investigation, followed by dispute resolution, is essential.

However, it seems like Action Refund fails to use appropriate strategies in executing alternative dispute resolution. That’s because the team is rarely able to maintain steady communication with scammers. This makes it quite difficult for them to recover the client’s lost funds. In some cases, they’ve rushed through the process, which alerts the scammers that an agency is currently looking for them. So, it’s quite clear that they don’t implement the right technique, and most of the process is haphazard and disorganized.

Because the nature of stolen fund recovery is so sensitive, it’s important that the process is supervised by legal professionals. This is to ensure that the team doesn’t impose itself in a way that’s potentially illegal. They can guide other investigators on the team to act in a way that’s inconspicuous and doesn’t draw too much attention.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there are any legal experts present on the team of investigators who look at each case. Rather, it feels like the team put together by Action Refund to recover the stolen funds are simply amateur investigators who aren’t aware of proper legal guidelines to follow.

Low Success Rate Draws Skepticism

When there are so many unreliable options these days, every consumer wants to make sure that they’re choosing the right option. As a result, they try to look for any kind of social proof that provides evidence for the company’s services. In this case, it’s quite likely that potential clients will try to see how many clients Action Refund has recovered stolen funds for. I did the same and was surprised to find an underwhelming success rate.

I would have expected them to have recovered amounts in the tens of millions, but it wasn’t even close. As a result, I became quite skeptical about whether or not the agency can actually help victims get back their funds or not. Even if they have the ability, will they be able to get back the money in time? Or will it all be in vain? Not to mention, clients have to pay an upfront deposit for the service, which can take a financial toll on them.

Bottom Line

To conclude what I’ve talked about in this Action Refund review so far, this fund recovery agency fails to satisfy clients with appropriate services. To start off, it doesn’t use the right strategies when trying to track down the scammers and locate the lost funds. In fact, their tactics usually end up alerting the scammers, who make themselves even harder to find. Additionally, they don’t have appropriate legal professionals on the team to guide the investigation and ensure that everything goes according to plan. And lastly, the success rate is quite low, which makes clients feel quite skeptical about their services.

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Gary Brust

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