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CMC Trust Under Attack – How Four Fraudulent YouTube Channels are Blackmailing CMC Trust Broker (cmc-trust.com)

Gary Brust

ByGary Brust

Feb 13, 2024

CMC Trust (cmc-trust.com) Under Attack

Blackmailing and ransom are not something new. However, in these modern times, blackmailers are leveraging social media for fake propaganda against businesses. Through these fake propaganda and campaigns, they tend to blackmail legitimate businesses into giving up on their demands.

CMC Trust (cmc-trust.com)

The case of the CMC Trust Broker is one such example, which operates as a legitimate business. However, there are different YouTube channels that are out there spreading fake news regarding them. And what do they have to gain from it? Well, they are looking to get the money or you can say ransom.

This article is going to discuss and expose the 4 YouTube channels that are blatantly engaged in a campaign against the CMC Trust Broker. It will tell you how they are using the name of this online brokerage firm to earn fame and blackmail it. To back our claim, we’ll also attach screenshots of our conversation with the owners of this YouTube channel.

Blackmailer 1 – Investment Broker Reviews (@investmentbrokerreviews)

Firstly, I would like to discuss the Investment Broker Reviews (@investmentbrokerreviews). This YouTube channel follows a similar pattern in all of the videos. It will show the name of an online broker and claim that it is a scam. The video will list a few points and other irrelevant information. Throughout the video, there is no evidence that this YouTuber has to present which shows that their concerns are legit.


It just goes on to tell about the different aspects of the online broker without addressing the main point and purpose of the video. When reached out, this YouTuber demanded a certain amount to remove the video. What they claim is that it is compensation for the time and effort they have spent to make this video. In reality, it is just a fancy way of defining blackmail.

Blackmailer 2 – Broker News (@brokernewslive)

Another YouTuber, or should we say blackmailer, is Broker News (@brokernewslive). It claims that most online brokers out there are fraudulent. Their YouTube channel is filled with many videos that claim the online broker doesn’t provide the relevant features and tools. But it fails to give any sort of concrete evidence that clearly shows that any online broker they are discussing has any wrongdoings.

Well, there is no doubt that there are different online brokers out there who are unable to meet the traders’s expectations. However, it doesn’t indicate that the online broker is a scam. This YouTube channel has taken a few of the snippets from the reviews of disappointed traders and shown that it is not a legitimate option. Upon contacting the YouTuber channel’s owner, they had more or less the same demand as the one mentioned in the previous section.


Blackmailer 3 – Legitreviewz1 (@Legitreviewz1)

Well, it is safe to say that the so-called Legitreviewz1 is not so legit after all. This is another YouTube channel that has been involved in spreading fake news and telling lies about the CMC Trust broker regarding how it is not able to deliver the services that it claims to provide. However, like every other YouTuber in this list, there is not a shred of evidence that shows this online broker has done anything wrong.

It just shows points about the things that they allegedly believe have led to these issues. For anyone watching the videos, the question comes into their minds regarding what the proof behind these allegations is. Well, there is none that this YouTuber has to offer. Upon the CMC Trust broker team reaching out to Legitreviewz1, the YouTuber demanded money to remove these videos. This shows that they are just there to blackmail organizations and nothing more.

Blackmailer 4 – Alerts Today (@AlertsToday)

Last but not least, Alerts Today (@AlertsToday) is also a culprit that is blackmailing different online brokers. It claims to have sufficient evidence against the CMC Trust broker. However, if you look at their videos, they just tell about the things that they don’t like about the broker.

There is no proof or sort of evidence to back what the YouTuber claims. Similar to other YouTube channels, it puts a long list of demands, along with the requirement for money to be paid, for the channel to remove the video. This might make one wonder if this YouTube channel is part of the network that is behind all of these things.

Final Words  

If you visit and check out the YouTube channels mentioned in this review, you will notice that they neither have a huge following nor any credibility. However, they are trying to earn fame by defaming the CMC Trust broker. It is a deliberate attempt that put CMC Trust under attack so that these blackmailers can get the money.

Gary Brust

Gary Brust

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