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Personal-Reviews.com Scam EXPOSED – This Recovery Fraud and Reputation Blackmailing Scheme Website Should Not Be Trusted!

Gary Brust

ByGary Brust

Aug 6, 2023

Personal-Reviews.com Scam

During the past few years, numerous blackmailing websites have shown up to tarnish the reputation of reliable brokers. Unfortunately, I have seen many brokers accused of things they didn’t do, which ended up ruining their image and caused them to take massive financial hits. This is precisely why I have decided to expose reputation blackmailing websites like Personal-Reviews.com to ensure people can steer clear from them. Here, I will be talking about the tactics this website resorts to in order to defame well intentioned brokers.


Targeting Brokers to Extort Money

With the foreign exchange landscape making great strides as of late, there are opportunistic websites like Personal-Reviews out there to take advantage of them. The sole purpose of this website is to write negative reviews about different brokers and spread them everywhere in order to extort money. Now, you may be wondering how they extort the money. Well, the process is pretty straightforward, whenever a broker learns that there is content that is purely made to defame them, they find the website and ask them to take that content down.

Unfortunately, they refuse to take the content down unless the defamed website pays a certain sum of money to them. More often than not, I have seen the extortion amount to be quite high and companies often struggle to pay them.

Targeting Multiple Brokers

One thing that became abundantly clear about Personal-Reviews to me is that it doesn’t just target a single broker at a time. Instead, it has multiple targets. While I was browsing the internet searching for brokers, I was surprised to see hundreds of reviews targeting them. Of course, all of these reviews were made to make these brokers look bad. The site uses the leads generated by these reviews and sends them to fraudulent funds recovery agencies who use a wide range of tactics to extort money. So, if you ever come across a review posted by this website, I would advise you to be very cautious.

There is a huge likelihood that everything posted by this site as of yet is completely untrue. I would even advise you to look for reviews by other sites to get a clearer picture of the broker that you are looking for. Doing so will help you make a well informed decision about which option could potentially suit you.

Further Proof Why You Cannot Rely on this Site

I have been in the online trading sphere for a long time and have used numerous brokers over the years. There is one particular broker that I relied on and used quite extensively and did not have any bad experience with it. Surprisingly, however, I came across a bunch of reviews about it that were making massive claims against this broker. One of the claims that stuck out to me was that the broker was fraudulent. Since I knew that was not the case, I tried to get in touch with the customer support team at Personal-Reviews. First, I tried to send emails, then I gave them a call but they were not responsive.

This was more than enough proof for me to tell you that this website is completely crooked and is only there to extort from brokers, especially the smaller ones. It was also quite interesting to see that this site was heavily advertising other brokers, as if they were its sponsors.

Final Thoughts

I will wrap this review up by saying that the online space is full of malicious actors trying to get money by any means necessary and Personal-Reviews is one of them. Make sure to keep an eye out for these fraudulent actors and expose them if possible to ensure that brokers and their users remain safe. It would also help if brokers did not give in to the extortion demands of these sites and looked for other ways to get out of their predicament.

Gary Brust

Gary Brust

Gary Brust is an accomplished writer with a passion for crafting engaging and informative content. His expertise covers a wide range of topics, making his work both versatile and captivating.

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