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ScamCheck24.com Blackmail Revealed – Stay Clear of this Recovery Fraud and Reputation Blackmail Website!

Gary Brust

ByGary Brust

Feb 15, 2024


Many brokers in the online trading sphere fall victims to scams, frauds and a variety of blackmail schemes. Unfortunately, it can be hard to determine which recovery agency is reliable or not, which is a big reason why many fall victim to their scams in the first place. Scam Check 24 is a site that is gaining notoriety for publishing negative review about brokers and extorting money from them. More often than not, the victims of this website are smaller brokers that are still trying to find their footing.

Here, I will discuss some things to expose their fraudulent website to make sure that people are aware that their reviews are not to be relied on. My intention to highlight the fraudulent acts of Scam Check 24 is to ensure that the online trading sphere becomes safe for brokers and the traders involved with them.


Targeting Honest Brokers

The scammers behind Scam Check 24 specifically target honest brokers that are listed online. They craft reviews without any meaningful information, making it hard for users to discern their true intentions. The website relies on dubious content that appears to be copied from other sources, which should be a big red flag for anyone who reads them. It would be fair to say that you should completely disregard any reviews posted by this fraudulent website. Additionally, it would be best to practice caution when reading any of their messages claiming to assist in fund recovery.

There is a huge likelihood that it is deceitful scheme to rip people off. It becomes evident that this website operates with dishonest intentions, as highlighted by the use of a low-quality email address like Gmail for customer interactions. Legitimate online businesses typically have dedicated email addresses associated with their domain. This website’s shady practices and unprofessional approach should serve as a clear warning to avoid any involvement with them.

Causing Great Harm to Multiple Brokers

Scam Check 24 has caused significant harm to numerous online brokers, leaving them grappling with the consequences of their deceitful practices. A quick search on the internet revealed loads of complaints from users all over the globe, signaling the widespread impact of the site’s fraudulent activities. It is evident that people are fed up with the deceptive behavior of this website. What’s particularly distressing is the fact that most of the affected reviewers are small brokers, who are already facing an uphill battle due to various challenges of running a startup.

The people behind these brokers, with limited resources, are trying to make sure they find their footing in the trading field. However, scammers like this one are making matters worse, creating further obstacles for them to overcome. Their predatory actions are nothing short of harassment, and it is unacceptable to think otherwise. It is essential for both individuals and authorities to remain vigilant against such fraudsters to protect the interests of honest brokers and ensure a fair and equitable marketplace for all.

Sinister Extortion Practices

It is abundantly clear that Scam Check 24 operates as an extortion ring, targeting small brokers to sustain their dubious activities. As mentioned earlier, many brokers have been a victim of their relentless harassment for a long time now. They publish completely fabricated reviews about the broker’s offerings, falsely labeling them as a scam, without any evidence to support their claims.

These individuals don’t shy away from demanding money either. Whenever anyone reaches out to them regarding the false reviews, they blatantly say that removing it wouldn’t come for free. Believe it or not, they demand hundreds, if not thousands of Dollars take down reviews. This is undoubtedly extortion in its purest form. What’s more alarming is that the website churns out multiple articles each week, making me believe that it has subjected multiple brokers to its deceitful and manipulative reviews.

Final Thoughts

The masterminds behind this extortion ring must be brought to justice and face consequences for their actions. It’s crucial that brokers work collectively to protect themselves from such malicious practices. Letting these extortionists continue their wrongdoings will only create an environment of fear and unfairness. Taking appropriate action against sites like Scam Check 24 is necessary to safeguard brokers.

Gary Brust

Gary Brust

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