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ScamWatcher (scamwatcher.org) Reputation Blackmail and Recovery Fraud EXPOSED!

Gary Brust

ByGary Brust

Oct 1, 2023


As the online trading world expands, a distressing trend of blackmail and extortion tactics has emerged and is on the rise. Of course, this causes harm to numerous individuals and brokers. These deceptive schemes are often orchestrated through websites like ScamWatcher.org, which seem to have one sole objective: to extract money through manipulative means. It is crucial to shed light on such websites to safeguard brokers and maintain a secure trading environment, free from the influence of bad actors.


Here, I will delve into the reasons why I find this recovery website untrustworthy and explore the insidious tactics it employs to blackmail unsuspecting companies.

A Clear Lack of Regard for Brokers

Scrutinizing the reviews from ScamWatcher led me to question the credibility of anything associated with this site. However, one glaring sign that shattered any trust I had was their consistent disregard for brokers’ attempts to resolve issues. This clear lack of interest in fairness strongly suggests their ulterior motive of money extortion rather than genuine concern for traders’ well-being. Whenever brokers reach out to the site’s customer support seeking resolution, they are met with silence.

The absence of responses from customer support representatives, instead of addressing legitimate concerns, only amplifies suspicions about the website’s true intentions. It appears that they prioritize generating leads from negative reviews and then forward these leads to fraudulent funds recovery agencies. It is vital to be wary of websites that exhibit such behavior. By staying informed and alert, brokers can collectively promote a safer trading environment for everyone involved.

Deceptive Reviews for Extortion

Websites like ScamWatcher cleverly exploit the uncertainty of being able to tell authentic and unauthentic reviews by targeting newer brokers attempting to establish themselves in the competitive world of online trading. Their strategy involves flooding the internet with numerous negative reviews about these brokers, aiming to capture their attention. Once the brokers take notice, the website seizes the opportunity to demand money in exchange for “recovering” their tarnished reputation.

I noticed that something was off about the reviews posted by ScamWatcher so I decided to observe them closely. One glaring aspect that I noticed right away was the disproportionately harsh treatment of the newer brokers, while conveniently promoting other brokers affiliated with the same website. Such favoritism raised suspicions and cast doubt on the credibility of these reviews. It became evident that these reviews were driven by ulterior motives, which means that you simply cannot rely on them.

A Pattern of Targeting Small Brokers

ScamWatcher.org engages in unethical practices to extort money and steer people toward brokers with whom they have affiliations. As mentioned abundantly, the main intention of this site is to post negative reviews about brokers, tarnishing their reputation and credibility. These reviews create doubt in people’s minds, portraying the brokers as unreliable. When a targeted broker tries to address the unjust reviews, the website seizes the opportunity to exploit the situation. They dispatch fraudulent fund recovery agencies, who then demand money from the brokers under the guise of restoring their reputation.

This vicious scheme has caused significant harm to many brokers over the years, leaving them vulnerable and struggling to maintain their standing in the trading landscape. This is why I truly believe that it is imperative to shed light on these deceptive websites and bring attention to their malicious activities.

Final Thoughts

ScamWatcher.org and similar websites are deeply deceptive and fraudulent. If you ever find yourself targeted by these sites with defamatory content, it is essential to act swiftly and report them to relevant authorities, to ensure they take appropriate action before the site causes any more damage. These deceitful websites can cause significant harm to brokers by spreading false information and tarnishing reputations. It is important not to budge in to their demands by getting pressured and take a calm approach to resolve the situation.

Gary Brust

Gary Brust

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